Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve this year was super low key, and really awesome.
Craig and Laurel invited us to come up for dinner with them.
It was just us.  
And it was a perfect calm in contrast to the pandemonium of the season.

We ate a delicious meal, did the nativity (although we were small in numbers), and the boys built their Lego sets that Grandma and Grandpa gave them.

I mean, when you think of Mary...you envision short haired blonde...right?

Jack went from Wise Man to King Herrod, and things took a dramatic turn.

The boys went to bed happy and excited... there really is nothing else like Christmas Eve.

They woke up at 6:45 on Christmas morning (not too shabby), and we opted to let Russell enjoy his slumber while the boys attacked their stashes.

Christmas Pillow Faces.
My favorite.

Jack's Loot:
(asked for "surprises")
BB Gun + Accessories
Tie Fighter Lego
Art Supplies
Kylo Ren Action Figure

Tucker's Loot:
(asked for "blue teddy bear with a scarf" and "suprises")
Blue Teddy Bear with a Scarf
Minecraft Jungle Lego
BB8 Robot
Minecraft Minifigs + Case

Jack + Tucker Shared Loot:
Disney Infinity
15 Infinity Figures

The poor children.
Basically forgotten this Christmas.

Finally, Russ woke up...and he had his time to tear into his 4 presents.
Sports Center
Puppy Pal
Leap Frog Scout Puppy
*he really likes dogs

The kids had about 24 seconds with their gifts, and then it was time to get ready and run to Grandma Jackie's for breakfast and more spoiling!

Of course I didn't take any pictures.

Why would I?
It's not like it was Christmas or something.....


But, needless to say- it was loud and exciting and yummy and chaotic.
A description that pretty much sums up Christmas doesn't it.

I was fortunate enough to steal away for a little bit that evening and head over to my grandparent's house for treats.  I've been doing that since I was a tiny kid, and can't imagine Christmas without it.

When I got home, it was so nice to wind down the day with our little family, in our quaint little townhome.  We built Legos, and played the boys' new games together, while Russ crashed from the day.

It was just the Christmas ending I needed with my boys.

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